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RE and Worship

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St James, High Wych


At High Wych CE Primary School, where we are an inclusive community, Religious Education (R.E.) is a highly valued academic subject that allows understanding of how religion and beliefs affect our lives and those around the world. At the heart of R.E in church schools is the teaching of Christianity and pupils also learn about other faiths and world views. Our R.E. curriculum follows a combination of the ‘Emmanuel Project’ scheme of work and the Hertfordshire Agreed Syllabus for R.E. Children are taught to develop religious literacy by studying the theological (believing), philosophical (thinking) and social (living) aspects of R.E. They are encouraged to develop resilience in their thinking; to listen, to question and to form balanced and informed conversations as they progress through their learning. It is a time to stop and reflect on the big questions that we face in our world and for the children to develop their sense of awe, curiosity and wonder. Children are given hands on experience of theological and social aspects of R.E. in different world faiths through various trips to places of worship.

The intent for our R.E. curriculum is shaped by our vision and values.  Therefore we strive for children to build a firm foundation so that they develop into well informed and compassionate adults: ‘‘Everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a man who built his house upon a rock.’ Matthew 7-24.

Incarnation Day

Each year, the children study the Christian concept of ‘Incarnation’. The children have produced a superb collection of work. Activities have included studying South African nativity artwork by the artist Azaria Mbatha and learning about the Holy Trinity. Children have studied how Jesus is both Godly and human. They have also reflected on how Christians celebrate Christmas. In Year 6, children have had the opportunity to explore the life of Owen Thomas and how he followed the example of Jesus, the Prince of Peace. Take a look at some examples of our work!

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Salvation Day

In the spring term, children across the school learn about the Christian concept of ‘Salvation’. Activities have included learning about different traditions and how Good Friday is celebrated across the world. Take a look below at some fantastic aboriginal artwork depicting the crucifixion scene. Children also explored why Christians call the day Jesus died as ‘Good Friday’ and they have written poems about what Jesus did to save humanity.

salvation1 salvation2 salvation4 salvation5

For further information on our RE curriculum please click on the following documents:

pdf_icon Statement of Intent, Implementation and Impact (114KB)

pdf_icon RE Curriculum Map Foundation Stage (36K5B)

pdf_icon RE Curriculum Map (340KB)

pdf_icon RE Policy (1010KB)

pdf_icon Worship (233KB)

pdf_icon Statement of Entitlement (143KB)

Collective Worship

Collective Worship is a central point in the day when the whole school pauses and reflects. Staff and pupils come together to nurture their own spiritual and personal growth and to come together as a school community. It is distinctively Christian, reflecting our vision and allowing us to explore our Christian values and consider ways we can put them into action in our daily lives.  Worship gives us an opportunity to feel closer to God and to be able to talk to him through prayer, scripture and song. We aim that our worship gives us the chance to reflect on our own behaviour and to think about how we might do something different in the future. 

We offer opportunities to share our worship with parents, governors and members of the local community through our church services held at St James Church. Visitors and members of the church visit our school to support the learning of the children.
Children are given the opportunity to lead and take ownership of collective worship through the support of the ‘Roots and Fruits’ scheme.


pdf_icon1 pdf_icon2 School Prayers

pdfChurch School Inspection Report 2017 (197KB) "Behaviour is excellent where Christian values are deeply embedded"