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Blue - Year 5

Yr5 Curriculum Map (113KB)

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Sept 2023 - July 2024

Christmas Cards

yr5_xtree1 yr5_xtree2 yr5_xtree3 yr5_xtree4 yr5_xtree5 yr5_xtree6

Sept 2021 - July 2022

Harlow Jewish Community Centre

yr5_hjc1 yr5_hjc yr5_hjc3 yr5_hjc2

The Great Wave

The children created a collage inspired by The Great Wave by Hokusai.

yr5_sea_collage   yr5_sea

Pastel Poppies

A selection of pastel poppies created by the children on Remembrance Day.

yr5poppy1 yr5poppy2 yr5poppy3 yr5poppy5 yr5poppy4

Sept 2020 - July 2021

Mother's Day Cards

We used fine liner, coloured pencils and tissue paper to create our branches and blossom. Developing our folding techniques to create a 3D shape on our hearts..

5mday4 5_mday1 5mday3 5mday2

Water Cycle

In Science, we have been exploring the water cycle. Here are some examples of our water cycle projects made during remote learning and in school with key worker children.

Water cycle_video

yr5_wcycle1 yr5_wcycle2 yr5_wcycle3


Sept 2019 - July 2020

Christian Dior

The learnt about Christian Dior and then used their sketching and painting skills to design thier own dresses.

yr5dior1 yr5dior2 yr5dior5 yr5dior6 yr5dior9
yr5dior8 yt4dior4 yr5dior7 yt5dior3

Christmas Stockings

Yr5 used their DT sewing skills to join fabrics and create a felt Christmas stocking.

yr5_xstock1 yr5xstock2 yr3_xstock3 yr5_xstock4 yr5_xstock5

Old Man Winter

The children mixed watercolour to create a wintery mood.

yr5winter1 yr5_winter3 yr5_winter2

Sept 2018 - July 2019

Aerozone poems

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Father's Day Cards

yr5_fday2 yr5_fday1 yr5_fday7 yr5_fday9 yr5_fday6 yr5_fday8

Salvation Day Art

5_salv_art1 5salv_art2 5salv_art3 5salv_art4 5salv_art5

Mother's Day Cards

5mday7   5mday2 5mday4 5mday1 5mday5

Frida Khalo Shadow Boxes

5fk1 5fk5 5fk2 5fk4 5fk3

Clay Skulls

5skull7 5skull8 5skull6 5skull5
5skull1 5skull2 5skull3 5skull4


5ww1g 5ww1a 5ww1b 5ww1c 5ww1f


Sept 2017 - July 2018

Father's Day Cards inspired by the artist Keith Haring

yr5_fday11 yr5_fday10 yr5_fday1 yr5_fday12 yr5_fday2
yr5_fday6 yr5_fday3 yr5_fday8 yr5_fday7 yr5_fday9


yr5_pyr10 yr5_pyr8 yr5_pyr1 yr5_pyr6
yr5_pyr4 yr5_pyr9 yr5_pyr3 yr5_pyr5
yr5_pyr2 yr5_pyr7 yr5_pyr12 yr5_pyr11


yr5_proj4 yr5_proj3 yr5_proj7 yr5_proj2
yr5_proj1 yr5_proj6 yr5_proj8 yr5_proj5

Old Man Winter

Yr5 have been learning how to shade to add interesting effects to their drawings, using diferent grades of pencil.

yr5_art_pencil5 yr5_art_pencil1 yr5_art_pencil4 yr5_art_pencil3 yr5_art_pencil6

Three Kings

The children used the 'wet in wet' technique to create the scene of the Three Wise Men travelling to Bethlehem.

yr5_art_re1 yr5_art_re2 yr5_art_re5

2018 Calendars

yr5_xcal7 ytr5_xcal8 yr5_xcal2 yr5_xcal3
yr5_xcal4 yr5_xcal6 yr5_xcal1 yr5_xcal9

3D Christmas Cards

yr5_xc1 yr5_xc7 yr5_xc3 yr5_xc4 yr5_xc2 yr5_xc5 yr5_xc6 yr5_xc8

Christmas Sockings

yr5_x_stocking6 yr5_x_stocking1 yr5_x_stocking2 yr5_x_stocking3 yr5_x_stocking4 yr5_x_stocking5


Sept 2016 - July 2017

Nativity Collage

yr5_nativ4 yr5_nativ3 yr5_nativ1 yr5_nativ2

Door Stop Snowmen

yr5_sman1 yr5_sman2 yr5_sman4 yr5_sman8 yr5_sman5 yr5_sman6 yr5_sman3 yr5_sman7


yr5_daff1 yr5_daff2 yr5_daff3 yr5_daff4 yr5_daff5

Mother's Day Cards

yr5_mday1 yr5_mday7 yr5_mday4 yr5_mday3 yr5_mday5 yr5_mday8

Egyptian Projects

egypt3 egypt1 egypt6 egypt4
egypt5 egypt2 egypt7 egypt8


Sept 2015 - July 2016


We used coloured wool to study the technique of plaiting.

yr5_plait11 yr5_plait22 yr5_plait6 yr5_plait7 yr5_plait8 yr4_plait3
yr5_plait3 yr5_plait1

Egyptian Tiles

Recycled roof tiles from the old school are the base for our Egyptian tile collection.  The children experimented with different types of paint including masonry, acrylic, metallic and watercolour.

yr5_etile1 yr5_tile2 yr5_etile4 yr5_egypt_tile8 yr4_etile2 yr4_etile9
yr5_etile10 yr5_egypt_tile13 yr5_etile14 yr5_etile3

Stik Street Art

yr5_stik1 yr5_stik2 yr5_stik4 yr5_stik5


Sept 2014 - July 2015.

Pattern Pictures

We added dots and lines to our drawings to show pattern and texture.

yr5art8 yr5art6 yr5art3 yr5art7 yr5art5
yr5art2 yr5art1 yr5art4 yr5art9 yr5art2

Dean Russo

We have been learning about the New York artist Dean Russo. He creates bold abstract designs filled with shapes and symbols and uses a minimum of ten mediums per painting. The children have created their own designs.

Henri Rousseau

The children have been studying the French artist Henri Rousseau. We cretated own collage pictures inspired by his jungle theme collection.

yr5_hr3 yr5_hr7 yr5_hr1 yr5_hr5
yr5_hr6 yr5_hr8 yr5_hr2 yr5_hr4

Ancient Greek Pottery

We have been learning about daily life in Ancient Greece from pictures on their pottery. The children then created their own design in the style of the Ancient Greeks and decorated it with pictures that will tell people what life was like in the 21st Century.

yr5_gpot11 yr5_gpot12 yr5_gpot14 yr5_gpot15
yr5_gpot5 yr5_gpot1 yr5_gpot2 yr5_gpot7
yr5_gpot3 yr5_gpot4 yr5_gpot6 yr5_gpot9 yr5_gpot10




Poppy Poem

As the beautiful poppies softly blow, the poor soldiers come and go.

The red proud poppies nicely stand, as the golden sun shines down below.

One by one they slowly grow, but in the war men rapidly go.

All that time they dug and dug, hoping they would return home soon.

Most days people go to prey, at the graves because they were so brave.

Sept 2013 - July 2014


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