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Green - Year 3

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Sept 2019 - July 2020

Christmas Cards

yr3_xcard1 yr3_xcard2 yr3_xcard3 yr3_xcard4 yr3_xcaed5 yr3_xcard6


yr_cal19a yr3_cal19b yr3_cal19c yr3_cal19d yr3_cal19e

Celtic Harmony

yr3celtic2 yr3celtic5 yr3celtic3 yr3celtic4
yr3celtic1 yr3celtic6 yr3celtic6

Sept 2018 - July 2019

Queen's Park Faith Tour

Year 3 went on the 'Queen's Park Faith Tour' where they visited a Mosque, Church and Gurdwara. The children got the chance to compare places of worship and also to explore religious symbols and rituals. 

yr3_trip4 yr3_trip2 yr3_trip3 yr3_trip6 yr3_trip5 yr3_trip1

Christmas Cards

3xcard4 3xcard1 3xcard2 3xcard3 3xcard5


3cal2018c 3cal2018b 3cal2018a 3cal2018d 3cal2018e


Sept 2017 - July 2018

DT - Bread Making

After researching different bread from around the world, Green class designed and made their own bread using a range of skills, including cutting, grating and tearing.

yr3bread1 yr3_bread5 yr3_bread8 yr3_bread2
yr3_bread6 yr3_bread7 yr3_bread4 yr3_bread3


Father's Day Cards

yr3_fday1 yr3_fday_card7 yr3_fday4 yr3_fday2
yr3_fday5 yr3_fday3 yr3_fday6 yr3_fday8

Roman Projects

yr3_proj1 yr3_proj2 yr3_proj3 yr3_prij4 yr3_proj5

Roman Day

yr3_rom1 yr3_rom13 yr3_rom7 yr3_rom3
yr3_rom4 yr3_rom6 yr3_rom11 yr3_rom12 yr3_rom10
yr3_rom2 yr3_rom9 yr3_rom20 yr3_rom15 yr3_rom17

2018 Calendars

yr3_xcal10 yr3_xcal111 yr3_xcal6 yr3_xcal3 yr3_xcal4
yr3_xcal5 yr3_xcal2 yr3_xcal7 yr3_xcal8 yr3_xcal9

Chistmas Cards

yr3_xc2 yr3_xc10 yr3_xc3 yr3_xc10 yr3_xc7 yr3_xc6 yr3_xc5 yr3_xc4


Sept 2016 - July 2017

Mother's Day Cards

We used our embroidery skills to make a bookmark insert for our cards.

yr3md9 yr3md8 tr3md4 yr3md7
yr3md12 yr3md5 yr3md14 yr3md11


Do you feel like a lovely cup of tea or some delicious hot buttered toast? Well if you do, follow these instructions written by Green Class and they will help you make your perfect cup of tea and slice of toast.

yr3_inst1 yr4_inst4 yr3_inst2 yr3_inst5 yr3_inst3

Savoury Cooking

The children cooked onion tart and garlic bread with produce grown in our school allotment.

yr3_cook2 yr3_cook1 yr3_cook5 yr3_cook4
yr3_cook6 yr3_cook8 yr3_cook7 yr3_cook9

Apple Crumble

We picked apples from our fruit trees and made delicious apple crumble.

yr3_appcrumb4 yr3_appcrumb2 yr3_appcrum2 yr3_appcrum4


Green Class prepared the fruit and vegetables grown at school to display at the Harvest Festival.

yr3-allot7 yr3_allot1 yr3_allot2 yr3_allot3 yr3_allot6

Sept 2014 - July 2015

Reflections on World War 1

Year 3 has used a variety of mediums, including charcoal, pastels and watercolour, to create a series of pictures to reflect on World War 1.
They have tried to capture the changing mood of the war years from peace throughout the land, to the ‘storm clouds’ brewing across Europe, through the horrors of war until peace finally returns.

ww1 ww1
ww1 ww1

Bug Houses

In Enrichment Year 3 have been learning wood-working skills and have created some ‘bug-houses’. First they designed their ‘bug houses’. Then they have learnt to measure, saw and sand the wood. Next they glued it together following their design. Finally the ‘Bug-houses’ were decorated and filled with twigs, leaves and pine cones to make them nice and comfortable – ready for some new residents!

bug_box6 bug_box4 bug-box5 bug_box3 bog_box7

Stone Age Art

Handprints were found in caves in Spain, believed to be made by women and are thought to be 40,000 years old. We have recreated the handprints by blending pastels and chalks. Our cave drawings are also in pastel. They are based on those found in France and are thought to be between 35,000 and 11,000 years old. We have also created our own images of Stonehenge using a watercolour background for the sunrise.

cave_art1 cave_art2
cave_art5 cave_art3 cave_art4 cave_art6


Sept 2013 - July 2014

Moving Monsters


Plotting Coordinates

moving monsters   plotting_coordinates

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