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Indigo - Year 6

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Sept 2019 - July 2020

Christmas Cards

Year 6 used water-based paint to mix colours, which would allow the paint to blend naturally, to create a winter night sky. They used layering to paint the Christmas trees and used different brush strokes to create the illusion of texture on the trees.

yr6_xcard1 yr6_xcard2 yr6_xcard3 yr6_xcard4 yr6_xcard5

Mini Police

The children have experienced first-hand police teaching about health, lifestyle, drugs and medicines. They have had the opportunity to see police equipment, including the police car. They even had a trip to the station and were locked up in the cells!

y6_minipolice1 yr6_minipolice2 yr6_minipolice4 yr6_minipolice3 yr6_minipolice5


Sept 2018- July 2019

Mother's Day Cards

yr6_mday1 yr6_mday3 yr6_mday2 yr6_mday4

Brilliant Birds

Brilliant Birds Paper Engineering Challenge

6bb1 6bb2 6bb3 6bb4 6bb5


6art1 6art2 6art3 6art4 6art5

Christmas Cards

6xcard1 6xcard2 6xcard3 6xcard4 6xcard5


6_trench1 6_trench10 6_trench11 6_trench12
6_trench3 6_trench2 6_trench4 6_trench13
6_trench6 6_trench8 6_trench9 6_trench14

History Day

yr6_history1 yr6_history2 yr6_history4 yr6_history5
yr6_history5 yr6_history6 yr6_history7 yr6_history8

Sept 2017 - July 2018


pottery1 pottery2 pottery3 pottery4 pottery5

Science Projects

yr6_sproj2 yr6_sproj3 yr6_sproj4 yr6_sproj6 yr6_sproj5

Winter in Japan

yr6_art_dec1 yr6_art_dec9 yr6_art_dec5 yr6_art_dec6 yr6_art_dec7
yr6_art_dec3 yr6_art_dec2 yr6_art_dec4

2018 Calendars

yr6_xcal3 yr6_xcal2 yr6_xcal5 yr6_xcal7 yr6_xcal1 yr6_xcal6

Christmas Cards

yr6_xc9 yr6_xc10 yr6_xc12 yr6_xc2 yr6_xc6 yr6_xc13


Sept 2016- July 2017

1940 History Day

yr6_ww1c yr6_ww1e yr6_ww1b yr6_ww1f yr6_ww1d
yr6_ww1a yr6_ww1g yr6_ww1h yr6_ww1i yr6_ww1j


Sept 2015 - July 2016


yr6_winter-art2 yr6_winter_art1 yr6_winter_art3 yr6_winter_art4 yr6_winter_art5

Sept 2013 - July 2014

World War 2 artwork





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