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Orange - Year 1

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Sept 2023 - July 2024

Exploring Line Art

yr1_line_art1 yr1_line_art10 yr1_lineart2 yr1_lineart3
yr1_line_art5 yr1_line_art7 yr1_line_art6 yr1_line_art9

Sept 2022 - July 2023


In Year 1, we have been exploring the Jewish day of rest called Shabbat. We tried some special bread called Challah bread. We also had a look at the Shabbat candles and Kiddush cup.

yr2_re2 yr1_re1 yr1_re3

Coronation Day at High Wych

Year 1 had lots of fun playing games and craft activities relating to the coronation. We even made a flag and sang the National Anthem.
The whole school had a Coronation picnic which was enjoyed by all.
Here are some of our homemade crowns and craft activities.

yr1k1 yr1k2 yr1k6 yr1k3 yr1k9
yr1k5 yr1_k10 yr1k7 yr1k8 yr1k4

World Book Day!

To celebrate World Book Day, Year 1 created their own versions of their favourite books!

yr1_bk9 yr1_bk8 yr1_bk7 yr1_bk6
yr1_bk5 yr1_bk4 yr1_bk3 yr1_bk2


yr1_beebot1 yr1_beebot3 yr1_beebot5 yr1_beebot8 yr1_beebot2
yr1_beebot4 yr1_beebot6 yr1_beebot7


In Year 1 we made some calebdars inspired by Clarice Cliff plates.

yy1_cal yr1_cal4 yr1_cal3 yr1_cal2 yr1_cal1


In Art Year 1 have been exploring line, experimenting both individually and also in collaborating with others to create a range of different pieces of art.

yr1_art yr1_art4 yr1_art5
yr1_art3 yr1_art2


Sept 2020 - July 2021

Pastel Lions

yr1_lion 1_lion4 1_lion3 1_lion2



Sept 2018 - July 2019

Clay Work

yr1_clay11 yr1_clay12 yr1_clay14 yr1_clay17 yr1_clay19 yr1_clay22
yr1_clay231 yr1_clay232 yr1_clay233 yr1_clay235
yr1_clay13 yr1_clay20 yr1_clay15 yr1_clay18

Working on the Allotment

yr1_allotment3 yr1_allotment1 yr1_allotment5 yr1_allotment2 yr1_allotment4

Growing Cress

yr1_cress1 yr1_cress2 yr1_cress3 yr1_cress4 yt1_cress5

Father's Day Cards

yr1_fday1 yr1_fday9 yr1_fday3 yr1_fday8 yr1_fday10 yr1_fday5 yr1_fday7 yr1_fday6 yr1_fday12


Year One enjoyed decorating eggs and eating Hot Cross buns for Easter. They buttered the buns by themselves and said they tasted yummy! Happy Easter

yr1_easter1 yr1_easter2 yr1_easter5 yr1_easter4 yr1_easter6

Christmas Cards

1xcard1 1xcard2 1xcard3 1xcard4


1cal2018a 1cal2018c 1cal2018b 1cal2018d 1cal2018e


Sept 2017 - July 2018

Father's Day Cards

yr1_fdaycard1 yr1_fday_card3 yr1_fday2 yr1_fday_card4

Mother's Day Cards

yr1_mday1 yr1_mday6 yr1_mday10 yr1_mday5 yr1_mday11 yr1_mday12 yr1_mday13
yr1_mday3 yr1_mday9 yr1_mday5 yr1_mday8 yr1_mday2 yr1_mday15

Animal Projects

yr1_proj1 yr1_proj2 yr1_proj3 yr1_proj4
yr1_proj5 yr1_proj8 yr1_proj6 yr1_proj7

Paradise Wildlife Park

yr1_pwp1 yr1_pwp3 yr1_pwp2 yr1_pwp4
yr1_pwp5 yr1_pwp6 yr1_pwp7 yr1_pwp8

Spirit Pictures

yr1_spirit_pic1 yr1_spirit_pic3 yr1_spirit_pic2
yr1_spirit_pic5 yr1_spirit_pic4 yr1_spirit_pic6

Sept 2016 - July 2017

Christingles and Diva Lamps

As part of our Topic ‘Light’ we made Christingles for advent and Diva Lamps for Diwali.

ctingle1 ctingle7 ctingle9 ctingle6 ctingle4
ctingle2 ctingle5 ctingle8 ctingle3


Year 1 enjoyed their cooking day. They made plaited loaves, toffee apple muffins and mini sparklers.

yr1_cook1 yr1_cook2 yr1_cook3 yr1_cook5 yr1_cook6
yr1_cook7 yr1_cook8 yr1_cook9 yr1_cook10 yr1_cook11
yr1_cook13 yr1_cook12 yr1_cook14 yr1-cook15 yr1_cook16

Fruit Faces

We designed and made fruit faces. We practised chopping our own fruit and then trying to match our design. Afterwards, we all enjoyed tasting all the food we had brought in.

yr1_ff1 yr1_ff12 yr1_ff11 yr1_ff13 yr1_ff10 yr1_ff14
yr1_ff15 yr1_ff2 yr1_ff3 yr1_ff4 yr1_ff5 yr1_ff6
yr1_ff7 yr1_ff8 yr1_ff9 yr1_fff17 yr1_ff18 yr1_ff19

On the Ning Nang Nong

We have been learning ‘On the Ning Nang Nong’ by Spike Milligan. We drew pictures to match the poem.

On the Ning Nang Nong
Where the Cows go Bong!
and the monkeys all say BOO!
There's a Nong Nang Ning
Where the trees go Ping!
And the tea pots jibber jabber joo.

yr1_sm1 yr1_sm2 yr1_sm3

On the Nong Ning Nang
All the mice go Clang
And you just can't catch

'em when they do!
So its Ning Nang Nong
Cows go Bong!




Nong Nang Ning
Trees go ping
Nong Ning Nang
The mice go Clang
What a noisy place to belong is the Ning Nang Ning Nang Nong!!




The Dragon Who Ate Our School

Year 1 have been performing different poems. We read 'The Dragon Who Ate Our School'. This is what we thought the dragon looked like

yr1_dragon01 yr1_dragon02 yr1_dragon03 yr_dragon05 yr1_dragon10
yr1_dragon11 yr1_dragon26 yr1_dragon18 yr1_dragon19 yr1_dragon21
yr1_dragon22 yr1_dragon16 yr1_dragon24 yr1_dragon28 yr1_dragon25

Roald Dahl Day

We enjoyed reading The Enormous Crocodile so we made our own crocodile from clothes pegs. We also made Mr Twit’s beard.

yr1_rd7 yr1_rd10 yr1_rd1 yr1_rd5 yr1_rd9
yr1_rd8 yr1_rd4 yr1_rd2 yr1_rd3 yr1_rd6

Sept 2015 - July 2016

Henry Moore

Year 1 have been learning about the sculptor Henry Moore. We visited his home at Perry Green. We enjoyed learning about the different sculptures. We looked at the negative space (holes) in the sculptures and thought about what they look like. In the afternoon we had a lovely walk and visited the sheep.

hm25 hm18 hm38 hm69 hm529
hm41 hm58 hm106 hm27 hm82
hm524 hm90 hm20 hm74 hm489
hm493 hm55 hm78 hm52 hm105

Road Safety

We have been learning about Road Safety. We designed special reflective outfits. We also went outside to look at cars and to practise how to walk safely as a pedestrian.

yr1_roads8 yr1_roads10 yr1_roads1 yr1-roads3 yr1-roads2
yr1_roads7 yr1_roads4 yr1_roads5 yr1-roads6 yr1_roads9



Tim Peake

yr1_rocket There were 8000 people who wanted to be an astronaut and Tim Peake got the job. First Tim Peake practised in the water after that Tim Peake went to the ISS and stayed there for 6 months. Tim Peake was the only English astronaut to walk in space.
yr1_rocket Tim Peake is an astronaut. He went to space taking pitures  about  stuf that people have never seen before in space. He had to train to be an astronaut he had to train in a swimming pall and he had to train under sea he had to liv under sea for 3years to show that he was ready to be an astronaut.  He had to try to beat 8000 people to be an astronaut he got the job to be an astronaut .  
yr1_rocket Tim Peake went to space. Tim Peake is an astronaut. Tim Peake is in the station. In space there is no gravity pulling you down. Tim Peake is the First British person to walk in space. Tim peake got to Earth in the ISS. Tim  Peake is in the ISS. Tim Peake stays in space for six weeks.

Our Garden

In our garden we are growing strawberries, potatoes, spinach, peas and rocket. The rocket is extra special because it came from Tim Peake. Some seeds went to space and some stayed on Earth. Some of us think the seeds that are growing really well went to space and some of us think the ones that died went to space.

yr1_strawberry yr1_potato yr1_spinach yr1_peas yr1_rocket

Bee-Bot and Constructa-Bot - The Programmable Floor Robots

yr1bb1 yr1bb10 yr1_bb4 yr1_bb12
yr1bb13 yr1bb6 yr1_bb7 yr1_bb11


Year 1 had a lovely trip to Barleylands. We did so many things! We fed the goats, rode a tractor, made some seed art, went to the reptile house, looked at some farm machinery, saw some birds of prey, milked a pretend cow, stroked a snake, saw a sheep race and still had time to have a go on the zip wire!

yr1_bl1 yr1_bl21 yr1_bl18 yr1_bl13 yr1_bl12
yr1_bl8 yr1_bl7 yr1_bl6 yr1_bl4 yr1_bl9
yr1_bl14 yr1_bl15 yr1_bl3 yr1_bl16 yr_bl17

Sow and Grow

Year 1 were sent some growing kits from Innocent Smoothies. We have been growing peas and spinach. We have to write an online diary about our plants. Our diaries have been so good we won an Innocent Smoothie each!

yr1_sowgrow1 yr1_sowgrow2 yr1_sowgrow3


Year 1 planted some bulbs in the Autumn. Now it is Spring we have beautiful flowers. We have also planted some potatoes.

yr1_f7 yr1_f3 yr1_f8 yr1_f4 yr1_f10
yr1_wellies1 yr1_wellies2 yr1_wellies3
yr1_f2 yr1_f9 yr1_f1 yr1_f5 yr1_11f

Blossom Art

yr1_blossom yr1_blossom10 yr1_blossom11 yr1_blossom5 yr1_blossom2 yr1_blossom3
yr1_blossom12 yr1_blossom9 yr1_blossom6 yr1_blossom7 yr1_blossom8 yr1_blossom4

Andy Goldsworthy

As part of our topic on Plants we looked at the art of Andy Goldsworthy. We noticed that he always has a hole in his sculptures. We tried to make our own natural sculptures that mirrored this idea.

yr1_ag7 yr1_ag10 yr1_ag12 yr1_ag1 yr1_ag10
yr2_ag2 yr1_ag13

Hatfield Forest

Year 1 went to Hatfield Forest. In the morning we were animal detectives and in the afternoon we made animal sculptures.

yr1-hh1 yr1_hh3 yr1_hh2 yr1_hh4 yr1_hh6 yr1-hh5
yr1_hh7 yr1_hh8 yr1_hh9 yr1_hh10 yr1_hh11 yr1_hh12

Under the Microscope

In Computing we have looked at different ways to make pictures. We used the eggscope to create close up pictures of natural objects.

yr1_mic1 yr1_mic4 yr1_mic2 yr1-mic3 yr1_mic6 yr1_mic5
yr1_mic7 yr1_mic10 yr1_mic9 yr1_mic11 yr1_mic12 yr1_mic13


As part of the RE curriculum we found out about the importance of Shrove Tuesday and then we made some pancakes. They were delicious.

yr1_pc1 yr1-pc4 yr1_pc5 yr1_pc6 yr1_pc7

Repeating Patterns

In Maths Year 1 have practised making repeating patterns.

yr1_pat18 yr1_pat10 yr1_pat7
yr1_pat2 yr1_pat4
yr1_pat11 yr1_pat13 yr1_pat1
yr1_pat5 yr1_pat6 yr1_pat15

Christmas Cookies

Year 1 made Christmas cookies. We used royal icing and icing pens to decorate them. We used our own designs.

yr1_xcookies1 yr1_xcookies2 yr1_xcookies5 yr1_xcookies4 yr1_xcookies5 yr1_xcookie7 yr1_xcookie6


Year 1 had a lovely day cooking with ‘Cookies’. They made some delicious toffee apple cake, some edible sparklers and a sausage hot-pot.

1_cook1 1_cook2 1_cook3 1_cook5 1_cook4 1_cook8
1_cook17 1_cook6 1_cook7 1_cook9 1_cook10 1_cook12
1_cook13 1_cook14 1_cook15 1_cook19 1_cook18 1_cook16

Fruit Faces

yr1_ff1 yr1_ff2 yr1_ff3 yr1_ff4 yr1_ff5 yr1_ff6 yr1_ff7
yr1_ff8 yr1_ff9 yr1_ff10 yr1_ff11 yr1_ff12 yr1_ff13 yr1_ff14
yr1_ff15 yr1_ff16 yr1_ff17 yr1_ff18 yr1_ff19 yr1_ff20 yr1_ff21
yr1_ff22 yr1_ff23 yr1_ff24 yr1_ff25 yr1_ff26 yr1_ff27 yr1_ff28


Year 1 have been learning about poetry. They drew their favourite part of ‘On the Ning Nang Nong’ by Spike Milligan.

1_poem 1_poem2 1_poem3 1_poem4 1_poem5
1_poem6 1_poem7 1_poem8 1_poem9


Sept 2014 - July 2015


As part of their PE week Year 1 and 2 had a lovely day at Tolmers Scout Campsite. They were able to take part in trampolining, land zorbs, rock climbing and an inflatable assault course.

yr1_tolmers1 yr1_tolmers3 yr1_tolmers2 yr1_tolmers4

Wellington Boot Sunflowers

yr1_sf3 yr1_sf1 yr1_sf2 yr1_sf4

Henry Moore

Year 1 visited Henry Moore’s home at Perry Green. We saw lots of sculptures and learned lots of facts about Henry Moore and the different sculptures he made. We were able to touch them to see what they felt like. Afterwards, we sat down and tried to sketch the sculptures.

hm1 hm3 hm29 hm19 hm4hm30
hm14 hm18 hm6hm28 hm20 hm13
hm26 hm16 hm2hm15 hm17 hm22
hm27hm25 hm8 hm10 hm9 hm11 hm23 hm24

Butterfy World

Year 1 had a lovely day out at Butterfly World. We learned about the butterfly life cycle and saw some pupa. We went inside the butterfly house and hoped a butterfly would land on us. We looked around lots of interesting gardens and saw a giant flowerpot, an enormous ant and played some extra-large instruments. We even had time to try out the adventure playground.

bfly_w7 bfly_w5 bfly_w4 bfly_w10 bfly_w6
bfly_w15 bfly_w12 bfly_w13 bfly_w11 bfly_w14 bfly_w2
bfly_w20 bfly_w16 bfly_w17 bfly_w18 bfly_w19bfly_w21 bfly_w21

Leaf Animals

We studeid leaves closely under the microscope and then thought about what animals they reminded us of.

leaf_animal1 leaf_animal2 leaf_animal4 leaf_animal6
leaf_animal5 leaf_animal7 leaf_animal8 leaf-animal9 leaf_animal10

Andy Goldsworthy

We have been learning about the artwork of Andy Goldsworthy. We noticed that he uses natural objects and often makes circular structures. We collected lots of natural objects and made our own circular sculptures.

agoldsworthy2 agoldsworthy3 agoldsworthy4 agoldsworthy5 agoldsworthy6
agoldsworthy7 agoldsworthy8 agoldsworthy9 agoldsworthy10 agoldsworthy11
agoldsworthy12 agoldsworthy13 agoldsworthy14 agoldsworthy15 agoldsworthy16


We created some Senufo spirit drawings based on different animals. We used sharpies, fineline pens, pastels and colouring pencils.

senufo3 senufo2 senufo1 senufo5 senufo4
senufo7 senufo8 senufo6 senufo10 senufo9

Bird Feeders

We made bird feeders to learn about the birds which visit our school.

bird_feeder_1 bird_feeder_2 bird_feeder_3 bird_feeder_4 bird_feeder_5


We are learning how to classify animals. We found out that sharks are fish and then we made our own.

shark1 shark2 shark3 shark4 shark5
shark6 shark7 shark8 shark9 shark6
shark10 shark11 shark12 shark13 shark14


We have been learning about animals. We found out that whales are mammals too even though they live in the sea.

whale9 whale9 whale7 whale6 whale5
whale3 whale4 whale26 whale25 whale24
whale23 whale22 whale19 whale2 whale18

Hansel and Gretel

We made sweets for the witch's cottage in Hansel and Gretel.

sweets12 sweets1 sweets13 sweets3 sweets5
sweets6 sweets7 sweets8 sweets10 sweets14

Parts Of The Body

body1 body2

Marshmallow Snowmen

snowman1 snowman2 snowman3 snowman4 snowman5 snowman6


christingle1 christingle2 christingle3

Diva Lamps

diva diva diva diva

Following Instructions

The children followed instructions to make a hedgehog.

hedgehog1 hedgehog2 hedgehog3 hedgehog4
hedgehog5 hedgehog6 hedgehog7 hedgehog8


cookery cookery cookery

Fruit Faces inspired by Giuseppe Arcimboldo

fruit_face fruit_face fruit_faces fruit_faces fruit_faces fruit_face
fruit_face fruit_face fruit_face fruit_face fruit_face fruit_face

Sept 2013 - July 2014

Starry Night by Van Gogh

van_gogh van_gogh van_gogh van_gogh
van-gogh van_gogh van_gogh

Artwork inspired by Klee

klee klee1 klee3 klee2
klee7 klee4 klee5









Year 1 went to visit Barleylands in Billericay. They made pizza, fed the animals, went on a tractor ride, looked at old farm machinery and even milked a cow! They had lots of fun.

pizza lambs milking



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