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Rainbow - Nursery

In the EYFS learning is carefully planned around the interests of the children to ensure that they acquire knowledge and develop their understanding within the seven areas of learning.

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Sept 2022 - July 2023

King Charles III Coronation

nurs_king3 nurs_king6 nurs_king4 nurs_king2 nurs_king5

Sept 2019 - July 2020


The Nursery children painted pictures of the robin that visited their school garden.

nrobin3 nrobin2 nrobin4 nrobin7 nrobin8
nrobin6 nrobin1 nrobin5 nrobin9

Sept 2018 - July 2019

Christmas Cards

nxcard1 nxcard2 nxcard3 nxcard4 nxcard5


ncal2018a ncal2018b nca;2018c ncal2018e ncal2018e


Sept 2017 - July 2018

Father's Day Cards

Dad you are the bee's knees

n_fday1 n_fday2 n_fday4 n_fday3

Fruit Flowers

We tasted different fruits and created fruit flowers.

n_fruit12 n_fruit9 n_fruit11 n_fruit10 n_fruit2 n_fruit6
n_fruit10 n_fruit5 n_fruit4 n_fruit7 n_fruit8 n_fruit3

Bird Nest

Nursery class enjoyed looking at an abandoned nest during show and tell. We studied the eggs and learnt some intersting bird facts.

n_nest1 n_nest2 n_nest3

Mother's Day Cards

n_mday3 n_mday4 n_mday2 n_mday5 n_mday1

Fun in the Snow

Nursery class put on their snow suits and had fun on the school field.


Growing Bulbs

nursery_bulb1 nursery_bulb2 nursery_bulb3


Sept 2016 - July 2017

Apple Pie

The children sang Sing a Song of Sixpence and then made delicicious apple pie.

n_apie1 n_apie2 n_apie3 n_apie4 n_apie5 n_apie6
n_apie16 n_apie9 n_apie10 n_apie17 n_apie11 n_apie12
n_apie12a n_apie13 n_apie15 n_apie19 n_apie20 n_apie21
n_apie22 n_apie23 n_apie24 n_apie29 n_apie33 n_apie32

Learning About Birds

Nursery children have been learning about birds. They created paper plate robins, built nests and made food using sunflower seeds grown in the school allotment.

n_sunflower n_robin5 bird+food3 n_robin2 bird+food1
n_robin7 rn_robin6 n_robin1 bird+food4 bird_food2
bird_food5 n_robin4 bird_food7 n_robin3 bird+food6

Sept 2015 - July 2016

The Hungry Caterpillar

This Half Term, one of our class members brought a very hungry caterpillar to share with us all in class. We observed the changes as the caterpillar moved through the life cycle.  First, we noticed that the caterpillars had formed their cocoons and then they transformed into four beautiful butterflies. We then went into the garden on a Wednesday afternoon and released the butterflies in to our Early Years garden.
earListen to the children tell the story.

Dinosaur Roar

"Since we returned after Christmas, we have been reading a new core book based around the interest's of the children; 'Dinosaur ROAR'. We have had so much fun using the different dinosaurs to act out the different parts of the story in our own class puppet show. We have experimented with our voices as we recalled the story as you will hear in our recording. This time, we all decided to have our own part in the story so we took it in turns to speak into the microphone.  In Literacy, we mind mapped all the things we knew about dinosaurs and have returned to this as the half term is coming to a close. We have learnt so many different names of dinosaurs' and looked carefully at the size, shapes, colours and features of the dinosaurs in our story. We have talked about fossils and skeletons and even had a go at making our own. In maths, we have grouped the dinosaurs and also looked at patterns using various materials including: bubble wrap, rollers, sponges and created our own using brushes."

n_dino2 n_dino1 n_dino3
dino5 dino6 dino7 dino8

Floating and Sinking

On Wednesday afternoon, we carried out an experiment to look at floating and sinking.  We found various objects around our classroom and predicted whether they would 'float' or 'sink'.  We looked at the differences including the size and the weight.  We then completed a chart where we drew pictures of the objects that we tested in the water.

n_sink_float5 n_sink_float1 n_sink_float2 n_sink_float3

"Here are some of the things we predicted correctly..."
"The coin will sink"
"The duck will float"
"There are holes in the aeroplane so it will sink"
"I think this (rock) will sink because its heavy"

"What have you learnt about floating and sinking?"
"Sinking is when it (the object) sinks down"
"The feather floated because you can see it on top of the water"
"The money went down in the water"
"The rock clashed down under the water"
"It sunk because it's heavier"


We have been making so many delicious treats this half term thanks to all of the mummies and daddies.

- Bonfire Night Edible Sparklers

- Gingerbread Christmas Tree Decorations

- Salt Dough Tree Decorations

- Icing ready-made gingerbreads

- Charity cupcakes for ‘Children in Need’

- Christmas cake

Bear Hunt

listening_earListen to the children tell the story.

Not A Box

This term our core book is ‘NOT A BOX’.  The children from Rainbow class have really enjoyed; joining in with the story, adding our own imaginative ideas, creating animals and different forms of transport from boxes, taking part in deconstructive role play and creating a ‘special display’ all about our work!

box1 box3 box2

Home Projects

nursery_box1 nursery_box2 nursey_box3 nursery_box4 nursey_box9
nursery_box5 nursery_box6 nursery_box7

Mrs Bear's Birthday Celebrations

Mrs Bear is our class friend. A few weeks ago Mrs Bear turned 20 years old so we had lots of celebrating to do. First, we celebrated by singing lots of birthday songs such as; Happy Birthday (followed by 20 claps) and Five Currant Buns. We used props such as money and numbered currant buns to help us to recognise our numbers and practise our counting skills. Afterwards, we tasted real currant buns from the bakers shop during our snack time. We even got a chance to cut our own currant bun (using plastic knives) to develop our fine motor skills. The children enjoyed sharing the buns with their friends. As a class, we decided it would be really nice to have our very own bakers’ shop which we named ‘The Bakey Bakey Shop’. In the Baker's shop window we have made our own currant bun pictures and discussed ‘how many…’ and counted as we stuck the currants on our buns. Of course, the children loved to wrap presents up for Mrs Bear too using different tools to see which one was the most effective including; pritt stick, sticky glue and cellotape.
Mrs Bear loves going on adventures at the weekend with all the members of Rainbow Class, we now have a display in class to see the wonderful places that Mrs Bear has been visiting.

n_mrs_bear n_baker_buns baker_money
baker_sign n_bun_cut

Sept 2014 - July 2015

Getting Messy

Rainbow Class like to get messy. In our first few days at school we were busy creating portraits of ourselves. We looked at what clothes we wear and explored colour mixing.


Writing Our Names

We are trying very hard to write our names and practise this every day in lots of different ways.



This term in Rainbow Class we celebrated Harvest Festival. We had a trip to our church where we donated tins and food to a local charity.

In class we enjoyed looking at different fruit and vegetables. We then created bright beautiful fruit and vegetable printing pictures.

Excitedly we made vegetable soup. We developed lots of new skills as we prepared, chopped and cooked the vegetables ourselves.

Luckily we were then able to eat our delicious soup for snack, which we enjoyed very much.


Sept 2013 - July 2014

We're Going On A Bear Hunt - Listen to the children retell the story.

bear bear bear bear bear

The Hungry Caterpillar

Nursey have been learning about the life cycle of the Hungry Caterpillar.


butterfly butterfly butterfly butterfly butterfly  










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