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Red - Reception


Curriculum - Early Years Outcomes


Oxford Reading Tree


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Letters and Sounds

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In the EYFS learning is carefully planned around the interests of the children to ensure that they acquire knowledge and develop their understanding within the seven areas of learning.

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Sept 2019 - July 2020

Easter Chick Cards

red_echick4 red_echick3 red_echick5 red_echick6 red_echick7 red_echick8

Chick Houses

rec_chick_hse1 rec_chick_hse4 rec_chick_hse3 rec_chick_hse2 rec_chich_hse5

Telescope Making

In Red Class we have been reading a new core book – Shark in the Park.
We made our own telescopes using a range of resources. The children chose what material they wanted to make their telescope out of (card, paper, tissue paper, newspaper, sugar paper, etc) and they experimented with ways to join it together (glue, sellotape, masking tape, wool, string, elastic bands, split pins, etc). Some of the children then decorated their telescopes afterwards.
rec_tele10 rec_tele12 rec_tele11 rec_tele2 rec_tele9
rec_tele5 rec_tele8 rec_tele3 rec_tele1

Mother's Day Cards

rec_mday1 rec_mday2 rec_mday3 rec_mday4


Red class have been looking at the story of the Three Little Pigs.  We tried to be architects and builders and made some houses of our own.
rec_hse2 rec_hse5 rec_hse4 rec_hse3 rec_hse6

Mobilo house
“I first started with the walls, then the roof.  The door – you press the button then both of them open”
Cardboard house with sphere on top
“It’s got an alarm, and that’s the electric for the alarm.  When the Big Bad Wolfs coming it goes nee naw nee naw.  The wolf can’t go on the chimney because there’s no chimney.”
Foam brick house
The children made a house out of foam bricks.  They realised the wolf could get in on their first design so they added walls to keep the pigs safe.
Sticklebrick house
“ I started with the squares. Then I builded on the side bit walls, and the roof.  I just left a gap for the door.”
Cardboard house
“My house is made out of bricks and it will never blow down because it is made of bricks.”


r_bauble1 r_bauble2 r_robin3 r_robin4 r_robin5


robin_r1robin_r1 robin_r2 robin_r3 robin_4 robin_r5 robin_r6


r19cal1 r19cal2 r19cal3 r19cal4 r19cal5

Christmas Cards

r19xcard1 r19xcard2 r19xcard3 r19xcard4 r19xcard5

Christmas Tree Decorations

rec19dec1 rec19dec2 rec19dec3 rec19dec4 rec19dec5 rec19dec6


rec_diva1 rec_diva3 rec_diva2 rec_diva4  

Nursery Rhyme Week Activities

Foundation Stage all took part in Nursery Rhyme Week in the middle of November.
We looked at a Nursery Rhyme each day and had fun doing different activities related to it. Here are some of the fantastic things we did:

Monday – Baa Baa Black Sheep We made puppets of the characters and retold the rhyme using them
rec_baabaa1 rec_baabaa2
Tuesday – Down in the Jungle We rotated around and carousel of activities including making cone animals and learning how to play dominoe.
rec_jungle1 rec_jungle4 rec_jungle3 rec_jungle2 rec_jungle5 rec_jungle6
Wednesday – Incy Wincy Spider We had great fun making spiders out of recyclable materials and learnt how to play the incy wincy spider board game.
rec_spider1 rec_spider2 rec_spider3 rec_spider5
Thursday – Row, Row, Row your boat We investigated floating and sinking – we made predictions and we tested lots of objects to see if they would float or sink.
rec_row_car rec_row_conker rec_row_football rec_row_predict1 rec_row_predict2 rec_row_predict3 rec_row_predict4
Friday – Two Little Dickie Birds We made bird finger puppets.
rec_two_dicky1 rec_two_dicky2 rec_two_dicky3 rec_two_dicky4

Banana Bread

We have been looking at and learning about food in Red Class. One of the children noticed a banana was brown and a conversation started that it was bad. Mrs Watson explained that we might not want to eat it but we can still use it – to make banana bread.
The children made banana bread: They mashed the banana, sieved the flour and beat the eggs. All of these things were then combined to make the bread. Once it was cooked they all had a little taste and took a piece home with them.

r_ban1 r_ban2 r_ban4 r_ban3 r_ban5
r_ban176 r_ban7 r_ban10 r_ban11


r_sukkot4 r_sukkot1 r_sukkot3 r_sukkot2 r_sukkot5 r_sukkot6


Sept 2018 - July 2019

Father's Day Cards

red_fday2 red_fday3 red_fday4 red_fday1


Red class made some paintings of their favourite animals.

r_pic3 r_pic2 r_pic5
r_pic6r_pic4 r_pic1

Christmas Cards

rxcard1 rxcard2 rxcard3 rxcard5 rcard4


rcal2018a rcal2018c rcal2018b rcal2018d rcal2018e


Sept 2017 - July 2018

Father's Day Cards

r_fday1 r_fday2 r_fday3

Mother's Day Cards

r_mday6 r_mday2 r_mday3 r_mday5 r_mday4 r_mday1 r_mday7

Sept 2014 - July 2015


Look what the children found. The chrysalis of a small tortoiseshell butterfly, a harvestman spider carrying her eggs and lots of small black bugs that are attracted to the colour yellow.

red_crysalis red_crysalis2 red_spider1 red_spider2 red_bug1 red_bug2

Friendly Dunnock

Reception and Nursery have taken great pleasure in studying this friendly Dunnock. He is often found perched on top of a drawing board frame in their garden area. He allows them to watch him closely as he sings. With the help of the RSPB website the children have learnt to recognise his song and now know lots of interesting facts.

dunnock3 dunnock2 dunnock1

2013 - July 2014

Rosie's Walk

rosies_walk rosie
rosie rosie

Helping Hedgehogs

Reception Class have been been giving nature a helping hand by making a new home for hedgehogs and relocating an old one. We put on our wellies and walked across the field where the children carefully placed their house on the woodland floor. The woods are also home to lots of other animals, look at what we found.

For a full report please see the Eco page.



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