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Red - Reception


Curriculum - Early Years Outcomes


Oxford Reading Tree


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Letters and Sounds

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In the EYFS learning is carefully planned around the interests of the children to ensure that they acquire knowledge and develop their understanding within the seven areas of learning.

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Sept 2018 - July 2019

Father's Day Cards

red_fday2 red_fday3 red_fday4 red_fday1


Red class made some paintings of their favourite animals.

r_pic3 r_pic2 r_pic5
r_pic6r_pic4 r_pic1

Christmas Cards

rxcard1 rxcard2 rxcard3 rxcard5 rcard4


rcal2018a rcal2018c rcal2018b rcal2018d rcal2018e


Sept 2017 - July 2018

Father's Day Cards

r_fday1 r_fday2 r_fday3

Mother's Day Cards

r_mday6 r_mday2 r_mday3 r_mday5 r_mday4 r_mday1 r_mday7

Sept 2014 - July 2015


Look what the children found. The chrysalis of a small tortoiseshell butterfly, a harvestman spider carrying her eggs and lots of small black bugs that are attracted to the colour yellow.

red_crysalis red_crysalis2 red_spider1 red_spider2 red_bug1 red_bug2

Friendly Dunnock

Reception and Nursery have taken great pleasure in studying this friendly Dunnock. He is often found perched on top of a drawing board frame in their garden area. He allows them to watch him closely as he sings. With the help of the RSPB website the children have learnt to recognise his song and now know lots of interesting facts.

dunnock3 dunnock2 dunnock1

2013 - July 2014

Rosie's Walk

rosies_walk rosie
rosie rosie

Helping Hedgehogs

Reception Class have been been giving nature a helping hand by making a new home for hedgehogs and relocating an old one. We put on our wellies and walked across the field where the children carefully placed their house on the woodland floor. The woods are also home to lots of other animals, look at what we found.

For a full report please see the Eco page.



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