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Yellow - Year 2

High Wych School use the Letters and Sounds phonics scheme and the Oxford Reading Tree reading scheme.

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Oxford Reading Tree Free eBooks


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Sept 2018 - July 2019

Sept 2017 - July 2018

Father's Day Cards

yr2_fday1 yr2_fday2 yr2_fday3 yr2_fday5 yr2_fday7

Great Fire of London History Day

yr_his1 yr2_his11 yr2_his13 yr2_his14 yr2_his9
yr2_his19 yr2_his16 yr2_his10 yr2_his18 yr2_his2 yr2_his17 yr2_his15
yr2_his3 yr2_his2 yr2_his7 yr2_his6 yr2_his5

The Great Fire of London

yr2_fol_display yr2_fire4
yr2_fire2 yr2_fire7 yr2_fire9
yr2_fire12 yr2_fire6 yr2a_fire1yr2_fire5
yr2_fire3 yr2_fire8 fire_clipart1fire_clipart1fire_clipart1fire_clipart1

Animal Projects

yr2_sproj1 yr2_proj3 yr2_proj2
yr2_proj5 yr2_proj4


Sept 2016 - July 2017

Fruit Workshop

yr4_fruit10 yr2-fruit2 yr2_fruit5 fruit_workshop1 yr2-fruit13
yr2_fruit8 yr2_fruit1
yr2_fruit10 yr2_fruit7 yr2_fruit6 yr2_fruit11 yr2_fruit9
yr2_fruit12 yr2_fruit3

Sept 2014 - July 2015

Pattern Pictures

The children addedd lines and shapes to show patterns within their drawings.

yr2_art5 yr2_art2 yr2_art3 yr2_art4 yr2_art1


Umberellas inspired by the work of French artist Pierre Auguste Renoir.

yr2_renoir6 yr2_renoir16 yr2_renoir14 yr2_renoir13 yr2_renoir8
yr2_renoir9 yr2_renoir10 yr2_renoir12 yr2_renoir15


We made Mother's Day cards by weaving with wool.

yr2_weaving1 yr5_weaving7 yr5_weaving5 yr5_weaving6 yr2_weaving2

Henri Matisse

We have been learning about the French artist Henry Matisse. 
The children recreated some of his colourful Cut-Outs - The Snail, The Sky, and The Little Red Dancer . He called this technique "painting with scissors”.

henri_matisse_display matisse_cut1 matisse1
matisse_cut1 matisse2


Sept 2013 - July 2014

Great Fire of London


Special Places

Church is a special place for Christians.


choir   special_places_display   wedding




vicar     christening








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