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Extended Services

High Wych 3.20 After School Club 

Monday to Friday 3.20pm - 5.45pm. £9.50 per full session until 5.45pm & £5.00 per short session until 4.30pm.
The 3.20 After School Club is where children will enjoy a fun loving club. We guarantee parents and carers convenient, friendly, flexible quality childcare every day. Children of every age will find a range of games and activities to participate in, both indoor and outdoor. There are lots of exciting toys to play with. Our hall also has the space to chill out, to do homework or just read a favourite book. Included is a great healthy snack to eat with their friends.
Discounts operate for siblings, fees are payable in advance and non-refundable. Register for regular sessions (guaranteed) or daily drop in (bookings dependent on attendance numbers). Childcare vouchers and Child Tax Credits welcome. For further information and booking forms please contact the school office on 01279 722109 or download your booking form here.
We look forward to seeing you and your child.


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Basket Weaving

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Construction Sticks

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Chocolate Apples

The children coated their apples in chocolate, dipped them in sprinkles and then took them home for a delicious treat.

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Salt Dough

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