DSP - Mrs West, Headteacher, head@highwych.herts.sch.uk

Deputy DSP - Mrs Monk and Mrs Saggers

GOV.UK Report Child Abuse If you suspect child abuse visit this link to get the number for your local authority.

NSPCC Let's Talk Pants - Talking PANTS teaches children important messages, like their body belongs to them and they should tell an adult if they're upset or worried.

Barnardos pdf icon Be Safe -Helping you Protect Your Child (5.10MB)


pdf icon Parent eSafety Newsletter Spring 2018 (79KB)

pdf iconAsk FM (515KB) pdf iconeSafety Advice For Parents (173KB) pdf iconHerts For Learning Instagram Guidance (409KB) pdf iconMagic 13 (396KB) pdf iconMind The Gap (379KB) pdf icon Parents Online Safety Information (145KB)

NSPCC Pokemon Go - a parent's guide Tips and advice for keeping children safe on Pokémon Go
NSPCC Share Aware Help your child stay safe on social networks, apps and games.'
CEOP Internet Safety Centre

Children's Work

Personal Information

Yr3 know how to keep their personal information safe online by keeping details such as their name, age, date of birth, address and phone number private.

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Digiduck's Big Adventures

Yr2 read Digiduck's Big Decision. It is about a little duck that thinks carefully about sending a funny picture of his friend out on the internet. Wise owl appears and takes him into the future to see what happens if he did share the embarrassing picture of his friend. Yellow Class know exactly what he should do.

digital_camera "I think Digiduck made the right decision not to send the picture otherwise he would have no friends and wouldn’t be invited to parties."

digital_camera "I wouldn’t like a picture of me spread across the internet and the world because everyone can see it."

digital_camera "Digiduck should not send the picture because it will make proud pig embarrassed and sad."

digital_camera "If I were Proud Pig, I would have felt miserable because pictures of me should be private."

Digital Footprint - Quotes from Year 5

footprints "A digital footprint is a trail of what you do online"
"You leave a digital footprint by posting, searching and watching things"
"When online I want to be seen as kind and friendly"
"Before you click send you should read what you have written"
"Read, think, decide"

Year 1 have some very important eSafety messages.

yr1_esafety_wilf yr1_esafety_chloe yr1_esafety-chloe2 yr1_esafety_anthony2
If you see someone saying bad words on the computer tell your parents.

Do not put things on Facebook if you are too young.

Do not tell people your password.


Do not make friends with strangers on the computer.